Custom, Integrated or removable Shell Solution

From the single part to series of 5,000 units per year, ISODE supports you in the development of dedicated solutions up to 1370°C.

Custom design

Our insulating shells are custom designed to fit the most complex shapes of your equipment, and thus limit any risk of thermal bridging and temperature passage, by limiting conduction, convection and heat radiation.

Working with thin stainless steel gives our solutions both flexibility and rigidity, and effectively protects high-performance insulators from external aggressions.

Our shells are resistant to thermal shocks and vibrations, and adapt perfectly to your specific configurations, in order to confine heat flows and significantly reduce your energy consumption; moreover, they are easily removable.

Thanks to its specific assembly techniques and its multiple combinations of materials, ISODE protects your equipment against extreme temperatures and this within a low budget.


Typical applications

  • Exhaust manifolds, catalysts, SCRs, particulate filters, turbos, compressors, EGR valves, NOx sensors, Scrubber, compressors
  • Motor insulation for Solas certification
  • Stage V / Euro 6 engine insulation
  • Thermal blanket